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Created with only the best ingredients



Focused on selling small batches of quality homemade and homegrown items. Our honey is harvested from our backyard, and our eggs are from healthy, pasture raised chickens.  All of our products are made at home!  We will update seasonally, so be sure to check back often.


Hi!  I'm Lindsey, and I am the owner of Stephens Co.  I am a homesteading mama of 3, auntie, married to my high school sweetheart, and living in small town Indiana.  Driven by making fresh and high quality products, I've been able to grow my garden into a business which I hope to now be able to share with you.

Local indiana woman with her family

Made with the Finest Ingredients

Healing Salv available for Purchase from Stephens Co.
For the Skin

"The first thing I go to with any skin related issue. It soothes irritated skin, and takes the pain away immediately!"

For the Home

“I love these! Simple, yet elegant labels and they burned super clean! I have tried four scents so far but Lilac is my favorite!”

From the Backyard

" Hands down the best honey I’ve ever tasted!! Its sweet, floral, and honestly perfect."

Updated Frequently

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