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About Stephens Co.

I started at home making products over 12 years ago, with the desire to raise our children with fresh and homemade food and body products. I look forward to serving my community with homegrown and homemade products. 

Lindsey Stephens of Stephens Co

Always a family affair!

Previously I spent over 20 years in the hospital setting as an Ultrasound Technologist, and have always been passionate about homegrown foods and products. As a child, I would help tend the livestock on my grandparents' farm and learn in their kitchen. At home, we always had a large family garden and canned our own produce!

Evolution of the Garden

After many years of harvesting produce and making homemade bi-products, we are now selling to the local community.


The bees that make up our apiary were purchased locally in 2022.  We strive to learn best practices to make sure our honey is fresh, and that the bees stay healthy. 


Candles with only 3 ingredients! Our tallow is rendered at home in small batches, then mixed with beeswax.  The result is a beautiful candle!

Future Goals

I love learning new skills, creating, cooking, and finding ways to make products I would normally have to buy.  Always looking for ways to improve the garden and add products to our home.  I would love to one day have a greenhouse on our property to expand the growing season, and try new techniques. As our garden grows, I'm excited to share the results!

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Tomatoes in Greenhouse
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